Edgar Allen Poe Museum Richmond, VA – Central Virginia Illustrations for “The Raven” by Artist James Carling, 1884


Historical Society of Western Virginia Roanoke, VA – Shenandoah Valley Water Works Map of Roanoke; Lithograph 1888


MacArthur Memorial Norfolk, VA – Hampton Roads World War II Filipino and U.S. Guerrilla Unit Flag, circa 1940s


Montgomery Museum & Lewis Miller Regional Art Center Christiansburg, VA – Blue Ridge Highlands Rice D. Montague Account Book, circa 1860s


National D-Day Memorial Bedford, VA - Central Virginia 299th Combat Engineer Battalion Flag Flown at Assault on Utah Beach D-Day, 1944


Portsmouth Community Library & Black History Museum Portsmouth, VA – Hampton Roads Scrapbook of Portsmouth’s First African American Librarian, mid 20th century

Robert Rose Monument left side

St. John’s Church (Richmond, VA - Central Virginia) Reverend Robert Rose Monument, 1751


The Old Jail Museum Warrenton, VA – Shenandoah Valley Watercolor Painting of Warrenton During Civil War; Union Occupation November 14, 1862


Tudor Place Historic House and Garden Washington, D.C. Wedding Trunk from Martha Washington: A Gift to Her Granddaughter, 1795


William King Museum Abingdon, VA – Blue Ridge Highlands Untitled Painting by Appalachian Folk Artist Minnie Ma Scyphers, circa 1970s People’s Choice Honoree, with 63,894 online public votes

Virginia's Top 10 Endangered Artifacts is a program of the Virginia Association of Museums. Over the past seven years, VAM has successfully promoted awareness of collections care and the efforts of museums, libraries, archives, and historic sites across the Commonwealth of Virginia and District of Columbia to care for their cultural and historical treasures, which is an expensive and time-consuming effort. In fact, over a 150 organizations have benefited from participating and the spotlight that the program has provided has generated extensive publicity, new supporters and volunteers, and access to funding to conserve and preserve their artifacts.


Virginia's Top 10 Endangered Artifacts is a project of the Virginia Association of Museums and was originally funded through an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) Connecting to Collections Statewide Implementation Grant. Due to its success, the program has been replicated in other states and recognized as one of the most successful outcomes of the Connecting to Collections grant program.