Edgar Allen Poe Museum Richmond, VA – Central Virginia Illustrations for “The Raven” by Artist James Carling, 1884


Historical Society of Western Virginia Roanoke, VA – Shenandoah Valley Water Works Map of Roanoke; Lithograph 1888


MacArthur Memorial Norfolk, VA – Hampton Roads World War II Filipino and U.S. Guerrilla Unit Flag, circa 1940s


Montgomery Museum & Lewis Miller Regional Art Center Christiansburg, VA – Blue Ridge Highlands Rice D. Montague Account Book, circa 1860s


National D-Day Memorial Bedford, VA - Central Virginia 299th Combat Engineer Battalion Flag Flown at Assault on Utah Beach D-Day, 1944


Portsmouth Community Library & Black History Museum Portsmouth, VA – Hampton Roads Scrapbook of Portsmouth’s First African American Librarian, mid 20th century

Robert Rose Monument left side

St. John’s Church (Richmond, VA - Central Virginia) Reverend Robert Rose Monument, 1751


The Old Jail Museum Warrenton, VA – Shenandoah Valley Watercolor Painting of Warrenton During Civil War; Union Occupation November 14, 1862


Tudor Place Historic House and Garden Washington, D.C. Wedding Trunk from Martha Washington: A Gift to Her Granddaughter, 1795


William King Museum Abingdon, VA – Blue Ridge Highlands Untitled Painting by Appalachian Folk Artist Minnie Ma Scyphers, circa 1970s People’s Choice Honoree, with 63,894 online public votes