Anne Spencer House & Garden Museum

Lynchburg, VA
Mosaic Tile by Amaza Lee Meredith, African American female architect in Virginia in 1930 
Contact: Shaun Spencer-Hester, Secretary/Treasurer

The significance of Meredith’s artwork and architecture has impacted Virginia and the Nation. She was one of the few African American female architects in Virginia during the early 1930’s, and a highly recognized artist and educator. She founded and served as head of the Art Dept at Virginia State University for over twenty years. She designed her home “Azurest South” currently owned and operated by the Virginia State Alumni Chapter, and is located at the eastern edge of the Virginia State University Campus. “Azurest South” is a Virginia Historic Landmark. Pierce Street was named by the City of Lynchburg in 2002 the “Pierce Street Renaissance Historic District” not because of its architecture but because of its rich African –American history and the intellectuals and artists that often visited and lived here like Meredith and Spencer during the early 20th century.